PC Power Center And Continuum: Revolutionizing How To Protect Your Data Security

PC Power Center And Continuum: Revolutionizing How To Protect Your Data Security

Michael Buckner, PhD., the President of PC Power Center, understands the reality that success at first-rate customer solutions requires having real strategic partnerships.

In a world where cyber criminals seemingly are always a step ahead, Michael knows that the key to protecting your business data security is to directly partner and communicate with cutting-edge vendors that know the importance of business continuity. To that end, PCPC has partnered with Continuum Managed Services – the industry leader in how cyber security services protect your business information.

A member of the Continuum team is hard at work in their new offices.

Think of Continuum as your all-in-one business data security solution. From endpoint protection to cloud services to disaster recovery and real-time threat assessment, PCPC and Continuum have you covered.

“Security is a big part of how we present ourselves to the market and our clients, and the Continuum SOC helps make that credible and real,” Buckner says. “The solution features Continuum provides, combined with the constant attention to upgrading the toolset, makes Continuum the best strategic partner we could work with.”

Unlike most IT firms, PCPC doesn’t just buy products from a vendor and resell it to customers. We forge relationships with our vendors. We strategize. We formulate. We integrate.

This June, Buckner traveled to the U.S. operational headquarters for Continuum Managed Services in Pittsburgh. Continuum has been building a national hub for Security Operations and a 24x7 support helpdesk in the Steel City.

PCPC President Michael Buckner poses with the Continuum SOC team.

The key members that work with PCPC donned our logo polo shirts and modeled for a great group photo, including Kwame, a security project engineer, who assists in expediting many of PCPC’s technical questions.

David Deckard, the manager for PCPC’s client relationship hosted Michael during his multiple day visit.

The founders of Carvir Security, which was purchased by Continuum last year, both Jay Ryerse and Drew Sanford are now located at Continuum’s Pittsburgh operations center.  This provides them the ability to have direct oversight of the new teams, as well as serve PCPC as a strategic partner more effectively.

Michael huddles with Jay Ryerse and Drew Sanford at Continuum's Pittsburgh operations center.

Prior to the visit to Pittsburgh, Dr. Buckner met with Tasos Tsolakis, Senior Vice President of Global Service Delivery at Continuum’s world headquarters in Boston.  Tasos provided Michael with an in-depth look at Continuum’s development plans for their upcoming portal refresh as well as other aspects of their multi-million-dollar investment in the managed services tool sets.

As Continuum evolves, so will PCPC.

Let’s face it. It’s a scary world out there. Cyber criminals are out there daily trying to figure out ways to disrupt your business and hold your business hostage for ransom. Ransomware is a real threat.

You have a business to run and business objectives to achieve. Don’t let the bad guys win; have PCPC and Continuum give you peace of mind, instead.