About Us

PCPC was founded “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…"

Well, not quite.

The year was 1990, yes before some of our staff were born!! Michael and Wanda Buckner co-founded the Personal Computer Power Center (PCPC) with the help of Salvatore Scutaro, a distinguished New York City botanist and architect. The IBM Desktop computer had generated a legion of innovative competitors, and Novell Corporation had perfected the art of networking these powerful desktops together in the first non-mainframe controlled networks. Solutions were wildly proliferating as accounting, desktop publishing, databases for record keeping automation were spawned by a new legion of application programmers. PCPC was able to assist many entrepreneurs to achieve immense productivity with small effective organizations and become wildly successful.

This was clearly the revolution that would enable small business to become immensely productive. The Buckners decided to focus their business acumen on providing B2B solutions utilizing desktops and networks for small to medium size business. As with all technology it was clear that there would be an immense need for support and systems management. There was also an insatiable thirst for education on the new products. The Buckners developed a learning center in SOHO that provided adult education in the evenings on topics as diverse as children's educational software, desktop publishing for magazines and newsletters, and how to build your own PC for non-Apple customers.

When Microsoft finally produced its own network operating software, Windows 3.1, PCPC worked with Roland Racko to beta test the system and became an early supporter of both solutions. Networking was the secret weapon to empower organizations productivity. From New York's legendary restaurants, such as Tavern on the Green, Gotham, Lutece, and La Taverna group, PCPC provided networks to their sales teams and management.

With these deep roots in the culture of networking and small business applications, PCPC has continued developing solutions for fast growing organizations, and moved with the industry to support Cloud computing applications, hybrid data center solutions, electronic health record systems, and a variety of strategic solutions. With a deep understanding of technology, PCPC has been at the forefront of insuring the cyber protection of our client's data and systems. And our unique staff training programs insure that a PCPC technician, from the help desk to the server infrastructure, is more than a certified test taker. Our techs understand technology and the reason for it in our client's business. We guarantee it.

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