Advice is cheap. Business strategy is priceless.

We get complexity, from pipelines to phone lines to budget lines.


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Let us put the working in your networking.

When you retain our consulting services you'll be supported by our expertise on how to organize your IT strategy, with guidance on purchasing, budgeting, scaling, security, integrations, as well as team on-boarding. Our goal is to get your network and systems humming, with room to grow, and fail-safes solidly in place. When your new solution launches, you can operate with confidence in your network's compliance and structure.

Bounce ideas, brainstorm, and beat overwhelm.

Moving your business or organization through a change can be overwhelming. We're here to help make that process clearer, with room for growth baked in. The first step to crafting an IT and network strategy that works for your organization is to isolate which elements are currently working and which are not; to find holes in process, structure, staffing and security. For many executives it can be unsettling to examine and reveal what is breaking down, which is why we collaborate with you one-on-one to understand what problems you hope to solve, and reassure you during the roll-out and implementation phase.

Uncompromising attention to detail for SMBs and non-profits.

We have specialized in working with growing and transitioning non-profits and small-to-medium businesses since 1990. Our office and technical teams deeply understand the needs, budgeting constraints, compliance requirements, and business processes unique to 501(c)(3) structures. We are dedicated to creating solutions for our clients that not only fit well, but are 100% feasible and stand the test of time.

Our focused 3-step consulting process:

  1. We clarify the key business processes that align with your vision for the organization.
  2. We act in your best interest as we select products to license and equipment to buy.
  3. We build growth and scalability into our planning for long-lasting solutions.

Contact our Manhattan office to set up a consultation today at 212-315-0809.