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I started a residential and commercial cleaning service in 1972. Dial up desk phones. No computers. Nothing. By the early 1980's I probably had about 40 to 50 cleaning staff and a few people working in the office. To keep track of cleaning appointments and to know who was available I had a large roll of paper across a long desk.

It was divided into columns - on the top the name of each cleaner and on the left side the 7 days of the week = each box divided into morning and afternoon. We knew who was available by looking for the blank boxes and that is how we assigned the work to the cleaning staff. Every 7 days someone had to draw a new chart and bring over all the weekly, biweekly, daily and monthly job assignments. It was arduous but it worked perfectly.

In the early 1980's I wanted to computerize the company - a brand new concept. And I began searching for a young startup company like mine. I found PCPC on West 10th Street - not far from where I lived and worked. And that is how I met Mike Buckner. I told him the system I had works perfectly and I want him to create code and write a program to duplicate my "chart".

He introduced me to a young programmer on his staff and the 3 of us met - I told them what I wanted and then Mike turned it over to the programmer and he perfectly created what I needed.

We were able to enter the data for the entire cleaning staff and the hours they were available to clean. When a job was booked for them, those available hours were removed from their data. All necessary data was included in that reservation - the number of hours worked, the cleaners pay, the clients fees, etc. Michael created a small network so all screen in my office could view the same information in real time.

Mike created more systems for payroll and billing to clients. At the end of each week we initiated a simple process to "dump" all the reservations into the payroll module and that data was transferred to our payroll company who wrote the checks for the staff. Another process was initiated so that clients would be billed for all work performed. We were now a fully automated company. The beauty and I do mean beauty of the Reservations System was amazing - I used that module to run the company for the next 33 years and it ran flawlessly and - yes this is the truth - it never had to be upgraded. If some of the files corrupted , there was a built in repair module to run and repair the corrupt files. Mike and PCPC maintained the network for us and were on hand whenever we ran into trouble with it. As time went by , the server for our system became out of date, and Mike and PCPC introduced new servers specifically geared to handle our custom made Reservations Program and Accounting System . And he made sure all systems were compatible.

I ran Maid in New York for 43 years until I retired- the first 10 years on paper and the last 33 years on computer systems created and maintained by Personal Computer Power System. In 33 years, we encountered a number of problems of course - and - our system was never down for more than 24 hours. Mike and his staff were on call and ready, willing and able to get us back up and running quickly.

Bob Dellacona