Client Resource Facility + Video Conference Space

A WOW moment experienced by Amanda Knox, a Relationship Manager at a major Financial Firm, as she presents to the PCPC staff. Imagine a 100-inch touch screen as you discuss your slides!

The PCPC Client Resources Facility is a multi-purpose space which exhibits PCPC's remarkable utilization of technology to extend the range of our solutions. In this flexible conference room our clients are able to utilize the latest interactive touch screen whiteboard technology, video cam and Hi Def audio to explore the most effective way to hold video conferences and meetings. PCPC laptops, tablets, and printers are all available to test solutions. We utilize the latest Epson Interactive Ultra Hi Def Short Throw projectors.

The same facility is available in short order to serve as a business continuity solution for our leading clients. PCPC is able to transform it into an open workspace with 12 computers and multiple laptops, Cisco and Yealink phones, printers, and scanners. In fact, after Hurricane Sandy the prestigious financial services firm BTQ Financial was able to continue serving New York’s non-profit sector by utilizing the PCPC facility with 16 staff members for nearly 3 months.

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“Their unique Client Recovery/Resource Center enabled us to continue business after Hurricane Sandy while our headquarters building was closed for more than two months!”

David Terrio, President of BTQ

The conference room can host 14 participants with up to 5 more guests for Video Conference interactive meetings. Participants can enjoy comfortable swivel chairs, cell phone charging stations at the table with power adapters, and multiple WiFi channels. PCPC frequently refreshes the facility paying attention to the small details that can become solutions for our clients.