Question: Can your organization hack getting hacked?

Cyber crime is big business. Don't let it ruin yours.


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Outdated anti-virus software is so last year. ~The bad guys

Hackers work tirelessly around the clock to gain access to data and systems often belonging to small to medium sized businesses. Very few organizations are truly equipped to handle the damage that can unfold from a successful breach. Many hacked businesses never recover.

Our expert team truly cares about you as an organization of individuals, and we make it our priority to keep your network and team of people as secure as possible.

PCPC works with several partners, such as Continuum, Sonicwall, ID Agent, and Datto to provide bleeding edge detection tools and lightning fast remediation to give hackers a run for their money.

Together we can reinforce your network, devices, and sure up your best practices against cyber threats, malware scams, ransomware, and the leaking of your vital data on the dark web. If a criminal does breach your system, we can help you quickly detect and contain the threat, minimizing damage to your system, plus recovering and restoring lost or corrupted data. We believe that these elements are all essential in a strong cybersecurity strategy for your organization.

Security is baked into our baseline minimum.

Our Core blueprint includes top-notch network and endpoint security along with 24-7 monitoring and alerts. With our Security+ blueprint and higher, you can add additional layers of security including analysis of threats, and technicians at our SOC facility using combining their experience with powerful data to anticipate and draw connections from anything that seems amiss in your network. These added services include:

  1. Detect + Respond (Endpoint): Advanced security for endpoints, live monitoring and remediation services to stop active threats and minimize harm.
  2. Detect + Respond (Network + Compliance): Complete event tracking (SIEM)
    + live support with real-time alerting, network log and activity monitoring
    to help you maintain compliance.
  3. Profile + Protect: Advanced profiling, risk scoring and identification of gaps in coverage to help define your best possible security policy.

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