PCPC still gives my modest organization its full attention, even after 30 years

I first met Michael Buckner in the late 1980s…At that time, my fledgling organization would review its finances in December to see if any surplus was available to spend upgrading our office equipment. Probably very eager to get home to his family to welcome the new year, Michael would patiently help me select a new monitor or a memory storage device and would explain its use.

With time, CNYC grew into an established not-for-profit with annual (still modest) budget for technology. We have maintained our relationship with Michael, becoming early clients of PCPC, and relying totally on Michael and his capable staff to keep us functional and operational in the ever-changing cyber world.

To this day, CNYC is not a big client; in fact, I would imagine that we are among the smallest of PCPC’s clients, but we don’t feel small. We always get all the attention we need: prompt, patient and reliable service and creative advice.

Mary Ann Rothman
Executive Director
CNYC, Inc.