The best outsourced I.T Always there when we need them

When we began our corporate growth plan more than 10 years ago, PCPC became our IT vendor. At the time, we had a couple of servers, but were relocating to new larger offices and expanding our server hosting capabilities. PCPC’s dedicated staff and unique team coverage enabled us to realize a smooth move and to upgrade our infrastructure in line with the exciting changes at BTQ. When we needed full time departmental coverage they were there with a full suite of services and designed an infrastructure utilizing a Colocation/Cloud hybrid that enabled us to scale our company with remote workers and clients across the globe. Most recently their agile tracking of our Cyber Security needs, and the utilization of Cloud technologies has enabled us to continue to support an ever-expanding client base. Indeed, their unique Client Recovery/Resource Center enabled us to continue business after Hurricane Sandy while our headquarters building was closed for more than two months!

David Terrio
BTQ Financial