A Match Made in Heaven!

A Match Made in Heaven!

Our Commitment

PCPC from its onset has sought to be the top New York IT service provider. In doing so PCPC has committed itself staying ahead of today's threats and evolving ahead of the trends while maintaining a client first mentality. As a result of this PCPC has continually focused on building partnerships in an effort to offer its clients complete coverage in a manner that most suits their needs.

The Problem

As the highly technical requirements associated with IT security as well as the around the clock nature of it continue to grow, many IT firms have been left ill-equipped to handle such a difficult task.

A problem that arises is many business security needs vary from one to another, SIEM, compliance, detection and response, as well a many other issues. While many IT firms have become aware of the growing trends, the process of getting a business to see what the "need" for increased security has become a problem.

Businesses may see their IT firms as their catch-all but are unaware that many IT firms are incapable of dealing with a modern threat. This has lead to a catalyst of businesses firing their IT providers in the event of a breach.

Knowing the situation at hand today a quality IT firm will be proactive in addressing the issues of its clients. While it would be both ideal and responsible for the business to attempt to solve or at least address this on its own, A quality IT firm would be proactive in handling the tasks so that business leadership may focus their efforts on the day to day tasks like running their business.

In a sense, an IT firm should operate as a technology advisor for its clients by making sure all of their networks are operational in addition to helping their client understand the technologies needed to both manage daily business and future growth. Because of this IT firms should seek to position themselves as a one-stop shop provider

IT firms are are working to bridge the gap by either training employees or pursuing further certifications for their technicians. A problem they face is that the training and certification will take time. The convergence created by the demand for security technicians has caused an industry-wide skills gap that will favor larger IT firms who have the budget to outbid smaller firms in their hiring of qualified technicians. This has led smaller firms to ramp up their training and certification pursuits.

The Solution

IT Services New York

In its effort to fulfill it's commitment to being the premier IT service of New York, PCPC has signed into a partnership with Continuum. This partnership will allow PCPC to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity package in addition to its current offerings. PCPC aims to take ownership and responsibility of its client's cybersecurity by tailoring a comprehensive service that will not only keep its clients ahead of today's threats but do so in a manner that is relevant and in tune with its client's business goals.

This partnership will allow PCPC to provide a complete end-to-end security detail for its clients. The services offered will now include cybersecurity protections such as endpoint detection and response, advanced threat intelligence, SIEM, as well as the capabilities and reporting required to ensure compliance in modern business environments.