Finding the Best IT Firm for Your Business

Finding the Best IT Firm for Your Business

Why it Matters

Choosing the proper IT service is important as making a quality hire. For many companies, their expectations from their IT department or provider is to simply make sure things are operational and that they remain out of sight and out of mind. In past times that may have been acceptable but as the technology available to us continues to grow we must now transition into seeing our IT department as essential to company growth. This blog will give simple guidelines as to what to expect from qualified IT service.

Their Responsiveness.

Your IT provider should be quick and reliable. In the event that a system crashes or components go down. There shouldn't be an extended waiting time in their response. PCPC does handle this issue by maintaining a 24/7/365 network and security monitoring service for its clients. Because of this clients, have around the clock management of their services and are alerted to any issues or breaches in their network. Your IT service should be immediately available when you need them, knowing that any delay is lost time and revenue

Their Transparency and Clarity.

You’ll want your provider to provide you with a clear-cut and understandable presentation of what their scope of work will be. Transparency is key and if you're going to commit to a partnership with a firm you should know exactly what they will provide you and at what costs. With that being said, a reasonable firm will also lay out or explain their work in a manner that their client will understand and benefit from knowing what it entails.

They should be a Trusted Advisor

A quality firm should build off their transparency and foster a trusting relationship. They should be your tech consultant and guide your business through any tech concern or integration. You should feel comfortable enough to reach out for advice that you can trust to be what is most beneficial for the interests of your company and not just another upsell towards their bottom line

Their Services

An IT firm is only as good as the services they are able to provide. PCPC’s goal is to stay ahead of the curve in adopting the latest technologies and once they're in their stable non-testing phase implementing them for its clients' benefits. PCPC also seeks to partner up with a vast array of companies to provide a robust offering of services to its clients in a manner that best suits their needs.

A provider should have the necessary tools to handle your tech needs and tailor its offerings to help your company’s future growth. Thinks like remote monitoring and emphasis on security are absolutely necessary. Making sure your provider is up to date with their offerings will go a long way.

Their Experience

We all love startups! Unfortunately risking your business operations on an unestablished or young IT firm could be a bit dicey. While your gamble could pay off in the form of a long and healthy relationship, there is also the real and troubling possibility that they startup could go under or face growing issues of their own. Should this be the case your networks (and bottom line) will likely be harmed in the process.

We recommend going with an IT firm that has been in business for a decent amount of time and as with all things has the reviews or testimonials to back their services up. If at all scope out the experience of a few providers and see who will best fulfill your needs.

They provide a local presence in case on-site assistance is required as well as an off-site working location for disaster relief.

An on-site presence or at least the ability to be on site when necessary is pivotal. Things like implementation and installing often require on-site technical assistance, its good to know that the option is there if needed.

One other key thing depending on your location is if they can provide an emergency offsite office location in the case of an emergency or your office goes down. When Hurricane Sandy struck New York much of Manhattan was closed for business for quite some time. PCPC uses its  Client Resource Center to take in clients that may have been affected by unforeseen circumstances. In doing so PCPC fulfills its goal of being among the top tier New York IT services and helping to maintain its clients business continuity.

Their Reviews!

It may come off as redundant based off of previous points throughout this process but it needs to be emphasized. Reviews and testimonials are what clients and former clients have to say about their service, read what they have to say and factor that into your decision. If your willing to spend 10-20 minutes researching tonight's dinner on Yelp, it wouldn't hurt to spend 30 minutes on something vital to your business.