5 Tips to Brighten Your Business in the Dark Days of Winter

December 21st, 2018
5 Tips to Brighten Your Business in the Dark Days of Winter

Today is Winter Solstice – the darkest day of the year

Here's how to keep your office happy, healthy and efficient this winter when the days are short, the nights are long, and the temperatures start to drop.

  1. Lighten up the office - Place one to two lamps around the office equipped with full-spectrum or "sunlight" bulbs. These will help simulate the effects of daylight and help ease eye strain from blue screen light.
  2. Plant some happiness - It's scientifically proven that having a few plants in your home or workspace can improve mood, air quality and happiness. And since you have some full spectrum bulbs, your plants should thrive all year long, reminding your team that spring will come again!
  3. Keep an even temperature - These tips for keeping your home efficient work just as well for the office. Be judicious and selective if you decide to equip the office with a smart thermostat. Tech-forward temp controls work wonderfully, but just make sure any smart device is secure, and talk to your IT team before installation.
  4. Stay hydrated - When the warmer weather dies down, it's natural for people to drink less water and more coffee or diuretics. But, with heaters blasting, the air can get dry. Stock up the office with herbal teas, coconut water, and water.
  5. Party down - Consider cheering up that annual planning session, or scheduling a team party, hackathon, or fun outing for January to bring up spirits after the rush of the holidays has passed.

Hopefully these tips from PCPC help you and your team have a happy, energy efficient, and productive winter!