PCPC Cybersecurity Luncheon Recap

December 17th, 2018
PCPC Cybersecurity Luncheon Recap

On Friday, December 14, we were honored to host a private luncheon at the Penn Club, NYC for clients alongside fantastic local business and non-profit executives. On the stage, we featured guest speaker Jay Ryerse of Continuum who shared his knowledge on the topic of Cybersecurity, and how to prevent threats to an organization's data, devices and financial details.

Besides being a great deal of fun, the event was packed with both scary and informative facts about the cybersecurity climate for 2019 and going into the future.

We're looking forward to this being one of a series of equally powerful "lunch and learn" events through out the upcoming year.

  • Getting the room ready with materials!

  • Our new Epson Projector looking great!