PCPC Tech Launches Its Referral Program

PCPC Tech Launches Its Referral Program

Welcome to our new referral program!


If giving more to the causes you care about is on your resolution list this year, there couldn't be an easier way to get started.

We at PCPC Tech are extremely excited to announce our 2019 referral program. With this referral program, you can now earn cash for what you love by referring our services to a qualified client. If your referral signs a qualifying contract with us, we'll cut a check to you or to the charity of your choice!

All it takes to register a referral is an email, business, and contact name. Send the referral by email at referrals@pcpc.tech, or use our simple form. Make sure to include your best contact information, so we can get back to you when it's time to redeem your referral fee.

Referral Program FAQ

What kind of referrals would be likely to sign a contract with PCPC?

Who they are: Small to medium-sized businesses and non-profits headquartered in New York City are a starting point. We tend to work with clients who need IT and computer security services for between 10 and 250 desktops or computer stations.

What they'll get: We offer scalable technology management from the consultation to handling the network, end-to-end (that includes things like desktops, monitors, servers, software installation, and 24-7 monitoring for security). We're looking for businesses who are without an IT department, who are looking to replace a current IT consultant, or who are transitioning as a business and need their IT to transition with them.

How will I know if my referral signed a contract?

We will reach out to your referral right away after receiving your form. If we are able to get an appointment with your contact, we'll let you know of the outcome as soon as the consultation process is complete. If they sign a qualifying contract with us, we'll cut you a check at that time. If they decline, we'll keep your referral on file, and follow up only if things change down the line. You are welcome to call us at 212-315-0809 at any time to check the status of your referral.

What are the referral programs you offer?

We currently offer three programs.

 Here are some details on each program.

Classic PCPC Referral Program

Classic Referral MSP IT services New York

Earn: $1000 to you or charity of your choice

Requirements for redemption: Client signs a qualifying IT Management Plan contract servicing 10 or more computer workstations.



Cybersecurity PCPC Referral Program

Cybersecurity PCPC Tech New York

Earn: $250 to you or charity of your choice

Requirements for redemption: Client signs a qualifying Cybersecurity Plan contract servicing 20 or more computer workstations.



VOIP PCPC Referral Program

VOIP New York IT services

Earn: $150 to you or charity of your choice

Requirements for redemption: Client signs a qualifying VOIP contract including 15 or more licenses.


What counts as a qualifying contract?

A contract is considered qualifying when your referral is a new customer, has submitted signed contract paperwork to PCPC fitting the referral program criteria for a number of licenses or workstations, and has made their first payment toward the contact.

Should I tell my referral I'm sharing their info? Do you have any materials I can share with them?

We encourage you to let your referral know that we may reach out. We would hate to "surprise" someone with an unexpected call. However, you are not required to do any selling or prepare your contact in any way.

Simply tell them that you know of a great local IT solutions firm called PCPC, and you would like to share their contact information with the CEO. You can always point them to our website at http://pcpc.tech, or share any of our PDFs directly with them. Here are four to get you started!