PCPC Reunites with the ASCII Group.

PCPC Reunites with the ASCII Group.

During the past year, PCPC has been very active in a growing number of  I.T. industry groups. One of the most dynamic of these is ASCII (not to be confused with the Ascii Group which is a local MSP firm).

Alan Weinberg, founder of ASCII with Dr. Michael Buckner, founder of PCPC at New Jersey ASCII Summit.

  At their July 2018 annual meeting our Dr. Michael Buckner, President of PCPC met Alan Weinberger, the Founder, and Chairman of ASCII.  When Mr. Weinberger founded ASCII as a prominent lawyer in the tech industry he met Dr. Buckner at his first I.T. venture in Greenwich Village, New York.  At that time ASCII had about 30 members firms; today there are over 1,300 members firms.  Today PCPC manages over 700 desktops and more than 80 File Servers at 15 prominent New York City organizations.

At their reunion, these veterans of the Computer revolution admired the growth of both organizations and the exciting challenges facing I.T. services firms today. 

At the event, which was attended by over 200 I.T. business owners, the growing threats for data security was a focus of several sessions.  The most exciting of which was the presentation by Frank W. Abagnale, author of the best seller Catch Me If You Can, and the model for the role played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the eponymous movie. Today he is the head of an international Cyber Security consulting firm.  His presentation provided deep insights into the kind of changes in security, from banking to health care that is being developed to protect both consumers and the corporations holding their data.

 Dr. Buckner has developed an exciting and informative talk on these changes. If you are interested in arranging for a  free Cyber Security seminar at your company, please contact us at Security@pcpc.tech.