5 Ways Technology Can Take You To The Next Level

April 21st, 2022

It’s nearly impossible to run a business in today’s climate without using up-to-date technology. This doesn’t necessarily mean bringing in the best computers, printers and other pieces of hardware needed to run a successful business. Instead, it means you should utilize the most current software and programs to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

PC Power Center And Continuum: Revolutionizing How To Protect Your Data Security

Michael Buckner, PhD., the President of PC Power Center, understands the reality that success at first-rate customer solutions requires having real strategic partnerships.

In a world where cyber criminals seemingly are always a step ahead, Michael knows that the key to protecting your business data security is to directly partner and communicate with cutting-edge vendors that know the importance of business continuity.

Security For Teams That Work In The Cloud

January 15th, 2019

The way phones, tablets and laptops are used by employees has shifted dramatically. These days, employees often bring personal devices to work, then connect up to their company's secure corporate network.

There are definitely benefits to this style of working: While your team enjoys the flexibility, efficiency and ease of a single device, you may also appreciate the lower equipment costs, reduced office space square footage (should workers transition off-site), and a decreased IT staff burden since employees will maintain their own equipment.

How Much Could a Cybersecurity Breach Cost Your Business?

The cost of cybersecurity investment has become increasingly hard to quantify. Don’t wait for a breach to find out how much it’ll cost your business. Click to use our free calculator and see what it’ll cost your business so that you may adjust accordingly.

5 Tips to Brighten Your Business in the Dark Days of Winter

December 21st, 2018

Today is Winter Solstice – the darkest day of the year
Here's how to keep your office happy, healthy and efficient this winter when the days are short, the nights are long, and the temperatures start to drop.

Lighten up the office - Place one to two lamps around the office equipped with full-spectrum or "sunlight" bulbs.

How Tech Helps with Holiday Season Productivity

December 19th, 2018

Happy Holidays!
2018 is almost over and with the holidays in mid swing, many of us will be looking forward to trading time at the office for time with friends and family.

Many of our posts focus on security and the cyber threats we face, but this article is about  using technology to help us streamline our efficiency when sleigh bells are ringing along with our work phones.

PCPC Cybersecurity Luncheon Recap

December 17th, 2018

On Friday, December 14, we were honored to host a private luncheon at the Penn Club, NYC for clients alongside fantastic local business and non-profit executives. On the stage, we featured guest speaker Jay Ryerse of Continuum who shared his knowledge on the topic of Cybersecurity, and how to prevent threats to an organization's data, devices and financial details.

PCPC Tech Launches Its Referral Program

We at PCPC Tech are extremely excited to announce our 2019 referral program. With this referral program, you can now earn cash for what you love by referring our services to a qualified client. If your referral signs a qualifying contract with us, we’ll cut a check to you or to the charity of your choice!

Cyber Security Monitoring and The Dark Web

Cybersecurity monitoring and the Dark webPCPC aims to be amongst the best IT services New York has to offer through continued growth and providing its clients the best service available. Click to discover the dangers of the dark web.