How to: Staying Cyber-Safe When Shopping Online

The Holidays are here and for many of us, that means we’ll be doing tons of online shopping. This guide will give pointers on what red flags to look out for while shopping online. Click to find out how you can keep your accounts and identity secure.

How Your IT Firm Can Save Your Business from a Natural Disaster

Mother nature has a funny way of messing with our plans. Click to find out how you IT firm can protect your business in the case of a natural disaster and keep your business continuity alive and well.

A Match Made in Heaven!

A match made in heaven! PCPC and Continuum partnership only benefits the customer. The partnership will provide clients with a plethora of services allowing them to stay ahead of the game and focus on managing their business growth.

PCPC x Continuum: Cybersecurity and Tech Management Resources

PCPC traveled to Continuum’s intensive Navigate2018 conference in Boston for the week of 09/24/2018. Continuum is PCPC’s strategic partner for providing end to end powerful cybersecurity solutions.  With their 1400 staff worldwide Continuum has provided PCPC  powerful resources to support and protect our clients 24x7.  In the U.S. their Help Desk center in Pittsburgh and their Security Operations Center in Atlanta are key components of PCPC’s leveraging the New York based managed services firm.

Cybersecurity: California Passes New Internet of Things Legislation

California governor Jerry Brown signed a new cybersecurity law governing the internet of things. The bill (SB 327) mandates that any maker of an internet connected or “smart” device ensure that the gadget has a “reasonable” security feature to “protect the device and any information contained therein from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure”.

Effective January 1st, 2020 any device that can be accessed outside a local area network without a personal password, needs to either come with a unique password for each individual device or force users to create their own password the moment first time connect.

Cybersecurity: Facebook Breach Leave Millions Exposed

The Breach
Another hack has made its way into the news, this time it’s none other than the social media giant Facebook. Facebook announced last Friday through a blog post that nearly 50 million user accounts had been exploited through a zero-day vulnerability on their platform.

The Dark Web and Your Data: PCPC Expands Its Security Suite to Combat a Growing Threat

The internet is a phenomenal and essential resource in our daily lives. Over the past decade, the internet has become increasingly more intrinsic in our routines. This great resource has developed from a luxury (albeit a slow one that tied up our phone lines) to a necessary utility that we essentially live off of.

PCPC Reunites with the ASCII Group.

During the past year, PCPC has been very active in a growing number of  I.T. industry groups. One of the most dynamic of these is ASCII (not to be confused with the Ascii Group which is a local MSP firm).

  At their July 2018 annual meeting our Dr. Michael Buckner, President of PCPC met Alan Weinberger, the Founder, and Chairman of ASCII.  When Mr. Weinberger founded ASCII as a prominent lawyer in the tech industry he met Dr. Buckner at his first I.T. venture in Greenwich Village, New York.